A visit to Casa Caponetti is a feast for your eyes, ears and taste buds, and our tours offer you a chance to experience all of these elements at once. 


From a leisurely stroll through the gardens to a hike through the cliffs of the nature reserve, we offer you a chance to learn about the history that makes this area so special. Let Lorenzo take you through the farm and tell you about its history and its future, we’ll supply you with a custom-made lunch that will give you a taste of the abundance of the farm. Our tours offer you an unforgettable experience to match your taste.  


The Etruscan Picnic (3 hours)

Walk with Lorenzo through the gardens and pastures and into the Necropolis of San Potente for a fascinating and interactive look into how the area has evolved over thousands of years, and how the techniques used by the Etruscans to cultivate the land are still used today. Visit the still-functioning Etruscan water tunnel and the surrounding tombs that form a unique archaeological site on the cliffs of Casa Caponetti. Once you arrive at the heart of the Etruscan site you are greeted with a picnic of fresh produce, meats, bread and wine prepared for you. Enjoy the same incredible views that have thrilled visitors for thousands of years! 160 euro for four guests, 35 euro for each additional guest. 


The Sasso Pinzuto Hike (2 hours) 

Not for the faint of heart! This incredible hike covers the cliffs of the Sasso Pinzuto Nature Reserve, where Lorenzo has constructed a ‘floating’ staircase in the trees to traverse the cliffs that run along the eastern edge of the property. Wear comfortable shoes and prepare for a climb, as you descend into the lush valleys and around the tributaries of the river Marta, and Lorenzo points out the flora and fauna that grow wild and have been a source for many classic Italian dishes. We’ll pack a hearty lunch for you, and you can stop along the river for lunch in the shade.

120 euro for four guests, 25 euro for each additional guest. 


The Garden Tour and Tasting Menu (4 hours) 

For the true gourmand who enjoys a leisurely stroll and a bit of pampering, Lorenzo will take you through the gardens and groves, explaining the process that results in our signature olive oil. Your tour will finish in the rose gardens near our B&B, and a private table will be set for you overlooking the valley. We’ll serve you a six course tasting menu using ingredients from your tour to create incredible dishes that you’ll enjoy along with the stunning views.

180 euro for two guests. 


We can also arrange tours for guests to the surrounding areas such as Civita di Bagnoregio (pictured), the Thermal Baths in Viterbo, and the seaside ruins of Tarquinia, to name only a few sites of interest. For information on arranging a tour please contact