From its beginnings in 1993 as Giorgio and Laura Caponetti's family retreat and inn, Casa Caponetti has evolved into a fully organic farm and historical reserve under the guidance of their son Lorenzo and his team. Continuing the tradition of warmth and hospitality and combining it with sustainable innovation and creativity makes Casa Caponetti a remarkable destination that showcases the beauty of Central Italy.

The Caponetti farming system is based on ancient techniques that farmers have used for thousands of years in central Italy to cultivate the most fertile soil possible, which makes our land something truly extraordinary. We hand harvest, produce and distribute our signature olive oil, which has brought the Caponetti name to kitchens and dinner tables around the world. We put our time and energy into producing the best food possible, and each bite is a bit of history!
We offer accommodations to suit every guest, from the solo traveller looking for a relaxing getaway to large groups on holiday. Our mission is to make you feel completely at home during your stay, while giving you panoramic views you won't find anywhere else. Our restaurant offers seasonal meals and tasting menus, prepared using products found on the farm to create memorable and unique dishes. We also arrange and advise you on a variety of tours in the area, so you're guaranteed not to miss a thing.
We believe in what we do, and the variety of educational programs that we offer on the farm is a reflection of our commitment to lasting knowledge through experience. We are proud to welcome interns from universities around the world, who gain expertise in their chosen field through on-site training. In our kitchen we've developed a seasonal cooking program where chefs and students are invited to share their techniques and develop a new relationship to the food on their plates. We also offer seminars on various aspects of agriculture, sustainable tourism and animal husbandry. Throughout the year we arrange for visitors to tour the farm and learn about our projects, and we welcome new ideas and collaborations.
Non profit
We are located in one of the most historically rich areas of Italy, in the heart of the ancient Etruscan region. To protect this invaluable resource, we have developed a non profit program to catalog and document the Etruscan ruins on the property.
We also welcome volunteers to stay on the farm with us and learn about our methods of sustainable agriculture and tourism. We invite you to explore the past, participate in the present, and help us to preserve the future.