From artistic retreats to wellness clinics, we welcome groups to share our space and nurture their creative inspiration. 

There is an unmistakable ambiance around Casa Caponetti that has acted as a muse to artists and practitioners alike.


Even Lorenzo’s father Giorgio has set his novels in the area, and can be seen around the property working on his latest project. Guidetta has often said that there is a spirit on the farm which makes this place something very special, and countless visitors have concurred.

This spirit has brought a wide array of groups to the farm for workshops and retreats, and we are happy to offer spaces and packages to groups from all over the world. Our recent workshops have included: 

Japanese Butoh dancing workshops

Gardening and Landscape retreats

Dance Therapy and Authentic Movement clinics

Artist and Writer retreats

Macrobiotic culinary workshops

For more information about the spaces we offer and how to arrange a workshop, please contact us at with the nature of your workshop and your proposed dates. We look forward to hearing from you!