Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

We are proud to produce and distribute our signature olive oil, which has brought the Caponetti name to kitchens and dinner tables around the world.

Each year the 500 olive trees on the farm are hand harvested and processed in a communal mill near the farm, using methods that date from the Roman epoch.


Everyone takes part in the harvest!

The result is an incredibly refined oil whose freshness and flavour is unrivalled. The harvest, usually begun in late October, is done entirely by hand and the mill in nearby Bagnoregio uses the same methods that have been producing olive oil for centuries. The oil is processed, catalogued and labeled according to the location of the trees on the farm, and each bottle of oil has a map of the growing sites and a description of the flavor components.

Our oil is produced in small batches each year and labelled according to the area of the farm from which it was harvested, making it an incredibly unique product. Because we believe in delivering the freshest product at the most reasonable cost to consumers, we only sell our oil directly from the farm. If you are interested in purchasing Casa Caponetti Olive Oil we encourage you to stop by the farm for a visit and taste it for yourself. If you can’t make it here, you can join our mailing list at theunexpectedoliveoil@gmail.com and we will let you know when our newest oil is available. The photo gallery below shows part of the process that brings our olives to your table.

Images in this gallery are courtesy of Mark Stehle © All Rights Reserved.