Animal husbandry

Our livestock program continues the philosophy of ‘maximum yield with minimum damage’: the animals on the farm are a precious resource and caring for them is a privilege.

The animals on the farm include:

Horses have been a fixture on the farm since Lorenzo’s father Giorgio first purchased the land, and his early riding clinics reflected his equestrian passion. Since then, Guidetta has developed a program breeding champion horses for international sport and competition. She and her assistants supervise over 20 horses of various breeds and while they are no longer available for riding to the public, they are a stunning feature of the landscape around the farm. 

When Guidetta and Lorenzo began raising livestock for consumption in 2002, the animals were so precious to them that one of the first cows they purchased in still roaming the cliffside!


DSCN1111Pigs are fed only produce that grows here, and they are reared and cared for by our team and local partners.

The 15 cows on the farm are always on pasture and feed completely on grass. As a result, their health and the quality of their meat is unsurpassed.

The chickens graze openly and along with the cows and pigs are an integral part of the ecosystem here, as their biological footprints will also help to restore nutrients to the soil, which will in turn produce a better crop in the gardens.


BeekeepingIn 2012 we began building our beekeeping program, and the honey, propolis and beeswax from the apiary is used throughout the farm.

Each aspect of the agricultural life at Casa Caponetti is interdependent, and we devote our time and energy to ensuring that the parts are as great as the whole result. For more information on our animal program, please contact us at