We believe in the practices we cultivate, and we look to share these experiences with others through a variety of educational programs that we offer on the farm.

We welcome curiosity and encourage exploration, and we believe that experience is the best teacher.

There is only so much that books can teach us; lasting knowledge comes from doing. Additionally we believe that collaboration is the greatest engine for innovation, and we embrace the opportunity to engage with a wide range of individuals and groups.


Our educational endeavours include:


Seminars and Conferences

Lorenzo has over 20 years experience in lecturing and educating groups around the world on the importance of organic farming, sustainable agriculture, and olive oil production. With an interdisciplinary background and an incredibly diverse resume, he is able to speak to a wide variety of subjects and welcomes the opportunity to share with others. In addition, Casa Caponetti is perfectly located for academic conferences and university gatherings, particularly for those interested in archaeology, anthropology, and history.

For information on booking events, see our Seminars Program

Cooking Program

In our kitchen we’ve developed a seasonal cooking program where chefs and students are invited to share their techniques and develop a new relationship to the food on their plates. For students, we arrange courses to their liking, whether it be for an afternoon or for a week, and we’re happy to share our knowledge of local cuisine, classical techniques, and sustainable menus. For chefs, we offer a seasonal cooking program: during a week long residence on the farm they are both student and instructor, as they tour local markets and farms and share this knowledge with course participants.

For more information on this program, see our Seasonal Cooking Program


There is no more valuable currency than time and energy, and this spirit is reflected in our volunteer program. We invite volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to spend time on the farm, where they live and work with our team to learn about all aspects of what makes our farm so special. With stays ranging from one week to one month, volunteers can learn about organic farming through doing, and about animal husbandry by trailing and assisting our caretakers. In addition we are proud to be partnered with Cornell University and its Farm Intern program, where students with specialized skills and interests are invited to live with us on the farm and complete their education through experience in their subject matter. We value these programs deeply and ensure that we find a place and a job for everyone, because we know that everyone has something wonderful to contribute.

For more information, see our Volunteering and Volunteering FAQ’s


We are uniquely situated within the Tuscania Nature Reserve, a protected area which showcases both the natural and human evolution of the region and offers a glimpse into the landscape that has been cultivated since the Etruscan era. In addition, we are the guardians of an Etruscan necropolis which includes approximately 200 unexcavated and partially excavated tombs, comprising one of the largest single ruins on private land in Italy. We maintain this site and open it to the public throughout the year, and we are also happy to provide you with tours of the reserve. One of the keys to our success is our unique relationship to the past, and we are always honored to share this with guests.

For more information on organizing a tour, see our Tours Program