Non Profit

Casa Caponetti is located in one of the most historically rich areas of Italy, in the heart of the ancient Etruscan region.

The Sasso Pinzuto trail, a 4 kilometer natural reserve that highlights the natural and manmade wonders of the area, runs through the farm and is available to visitors throughout the year.


Along this trail you’ll see one of the largest water tunnels, or cunicoli, in the area. These tunnels were built by the Etruscans both to divert water from surrounding lakes and rivers and to absorb condensation and rainwater for use in irrigation and cultivation of farmland. The cunicoli are still in operation and collect much of the water that we use on the farm for our crops, serving as an essential part of both our heritage and our future. In addition we have begun an excavation project of the nearly 200 Etruscan tombs that dot the landscape so that these artifacts may be enjoyed by visitors and scholars alike. 

Our aim is to comprehensively survey the reserve and unearth the incredible legacy that the Etruscan peoples have left for us on the land. Through this non profit endeavor we intend to offer scholarships to students and educators, and we hope to act as caretakers so that this invaluable resource is preserved for future generations. For more information please contact us at and if you are interested in making a private donation to this project, we welcome inquiries from individuals and foundations alike.