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Lorenzo Caponetti

Lorenzo Caponetti

Operations, Olive Oil

Completely self taught, Lorenzo has worked on the farm since his family purchased the land in 1992, and has worked to cultivate and promote the Casa Caponetti Olive Oil brand around the world. He has also designed and built many of the structures on the grounds, along with developing a crop rotation system used to maintain a sustainable organic growing system around the farm. He has lectured on sustainable farming, olive oil production and the historical significance of Central Italy, and continues to develop these topics in his work on and off the farm.

Guidetta Orlando

Guidetta Orlando

Animal Husbandry

A native of Tuscany, Guidetta has a degree in equine studies and has bred horses for international competition for more than 20 years. She maintains all of the livestock on the farm and has won accolades for her rearing methods from visitors and colleagues around the world.

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TusciaUPAltro che perduta, questa generazione non si è mai data così tanto da fare, unendo tradizione e innovazione, rimarca storie con un’impronta giovane che rivelano impegno e passione. [Link to full review]

Sara GrassottiTusciaUP

San Francisco LOCALS GUIDEWhat an AMAZING treat to find Casa Caponetti […] Molto grazie to Federico and the Caponetti family for their wonderful hospitality. If you get to Italy, you need to go here, and you need to go to each and every restaurant that Federico recommends. I’ll write about three of them shortly. Amazing food, amazing finds, lovely country and beautiful people. Who could ask for more!?!?!?! [Link to full review]

Donna RileySan Francisco Locals Guide