The Sasso Pinzuto Trail

A four kilometer path that spans the circumference of Casa Caponetti and highlights the natural and human evolution of the area.

Sentiero a Tuscania - Sasso Pinzuto

stairs 2As you walk, you’ll pass a massive cliff made of tufa stone (a highly porous limestone used in building as well as in irrigation systems) and follow the River Marta as it descends from Lake Bolsena 10 kilometers to the north.

The trail also passes through the San Potente Necropolis, an Etruscan burial ground where over 200 unexcavated tombs dot the mountainside and provide a fascinating window into the cultural traditions of an ancient civilization. 

Lorenzo has worked hard throughout the years to map and preserve this site, and he has created a series of bridges, walkways and staircases to help you navigate this untouched reserve.

The trail is open to the public throughout the year and as a guest at Casa Caponetti, we can arrange for guided tours of the reserve and the trail. We are also happy to arrange for foraging tours of the reserve where you are accompanied by a guide who will point out the various plant life along the way and can explain how the various fauna evolved into some of the region’s most well-known dishes.