We have limited positions open for interns currently enrolled in a university program who would like to supplement their learning with on-site experience.

Currently, we are partnered with Cornell University’s Internship Program but we encourage students from other universities to enquire with their advisors as to whether credit can be applied to their degree.

Casa Caponetti does not lobby on behalf of students nor do we solicit interns from universities, therefore if you are interested in an internship you must first contact the appropriate office at your institution. Once their permission is granted for an internship, please contact us at to confirm that your prospective dates are available and that your project suits our needs.

Interns are invited to submit projects concerning planting, harvesting, agricultural management, animal husbandry, horticulture and foraging. We also have a restaurant on the property that uses ingredients from the farm on a seasonal basis as well as locally produced organic foods not cultivated on our farm. This is a completely sustainable property where no chemicals, insecticides or large scale machinery are used so we encourage students interested in this type of farming apply. Experience or interest in organic farming or permaculture is required, and a capacity for physical labor is strongly preferred.

We invite students in Animal Sciences, Crop and Soil Science, Food Science, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Nutritional Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies to apply. For those pursuing careers in Nutrition, Agricultural Management, Animal Husbandry, or Sustainable Farming among other fields, we encourage you to propose a project topic.

Interns are housed on the property and provided with cooking facilities in addition to some prepared meals. Tuscania, the nearest town, is located 2kms from the property and Rome is 100kms. Interns are asked to volunteer on the farm 5 1/2 days per week and encouraged to explore the surrounding regions on their free time. A car will facilitate travel but is not necessary, as Tuscania can be reached via bus from Viterbo (20kms) or Tarquinia (25kms) and trains from Rome run to these two cities. Once in Tuscania transport is provided to the property.